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Envira-North Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient ventilation products. Our line of fans, turbines and curtains can improve the level of comfort in a building while lowering energy consumption.

Our systems are based on 75 years of combined ventilation expertise. Our products are combined to create a tailor-made system designed specifically for the space in question.

We offer innovative & energy efficient SMART ventilation systems!

| Our Product Lineup

At Envira-North Systems Ltd we are proud to offer an extensive line up of ventilation systems & products.

| HVLS Fans

5 Blades

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3 Blades

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5 Modulated Blades with Varying Degrees Angle of Attack

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| Turbines & Fans

Hurricane ™ Turbine Ventilators (No Power)

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Motorized Turbine Ventilation

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Superior Directional Air Flow System

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| Curtains

Industrial Curtains & Partitions

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| Ventilation Systems

HVLS fans and Hurricane™ Turbines can work in conjunction to provide ideal and efficient ventilation.

HVLS fans continuously mix incoming fresh air with stale air, minimizing the total amount of ventilation required to achieve adequate air quality.

Hurricane™ Turbines provide relief of the stale air remaining inside the building envelope and allow for fresh air to be brought in naturally through open doors, windows and louvers.

A naturally ventilated building makes for a comfortable environment and lower utility costs.

| Savings

Our products and systems at Envira-North focus around three major benefits. Environmental benefits from reducing energy consumption, economic benefits from reducing overhead costs, and social benefits from a healthier and more productive working environment.

To determine a cost savings is not easily accomplished considering the variables included in the three major benefits.