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Jazz Fans stresses the strength of feeling comfort. An attractive fan, completely customizable in appearance that makes the desired - achievable.

A fan, like no other. A fan, designed specifically to move air with a non-disruptive, yet continually powerful flow.

From showrooms to restaurants and atriums to office spaces, the Jazz Fan’s creative touch of ambiance enhances the comforts and aesthetics of each space.

10’ from tip-to-tip, the Jazz Ceiling Fan was designed through evolution from a basic fan blade (with minimal coverage) to now completely revolutionary blade - designed for equal air flow from hub to tip.

| Technical Specifications

• Maximum 10 FT in diameter
• Gearless Smart Voltage Motor
• Variable Speed 0-120 RPM
• 45,000 CFM of Air Movement
• Upwards of 5 MPH Breeze
• Crazy Efficient - Max 264 W Usel

• Integrated Dimmable LED Light - 1980 Lumens
• On-Board Controls
• 85 lbs Assembled Weight
• UL, CSA & CE Certified
• Compact Single Box Packaging
• Quieter Than Ambient Noise

| Jazz Fan's Unique Blade Design

Traditional airfoils (or blades) are linear in design and produce greater noise at a particular frequency. Using varying points on the leading edge of the blade spreads the noise or acoustic signature over a greater range of frequencies, virtually eliminating any noise.

As a fan rotates, the tip of a blade spins faster than the fixed point or ‘centre’ creating pockets of minimal air movement directly underneath the fan. The Jazz Fan blade design tackles this challenge with a varying degree angle of attack, never before seen in our industry. Ranging from 6° (tip) to 14° at its greatest point, the Jazz Fan diminishes the resistance against each blade maximizing air movement and minimizing power consumption.

| Standard Color Selection & Unique Textured Finishes

The sleek, ultra-modern design allows for a magnitude of customizable finishes from vibrant red to brilliant chrome and every imaginable color in between, enhancing any sophisticate environment.

A textured finish is a distinctive way to customize your Jazz Ceiling Fan; the combined ability to
blend, yet enhance its surroundings is what makes these finishes special.

| Ordering Made Simple

Jazz Fans come as a complete
package that includes; the Jazz
Fan, Universal Mounting System,
Wiring Kit, and Control Panel.
Having everything included in
this complete package streamlines
ordering, shipping and installation.
From start to finish, Envira-North
Systems provides everything you
need – in one simple package.